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John W. Glen, 1927-2023

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It is with great sadness we inform you of the death of John Glen on 15 June 2023.

John joined the IGS in 1949 and was one of the oldest IGS members.

John Glen is a very highly recognized scientist, having been awarded the Seligman Crystal in 1972. And he is among the few honorary members of the IGS, awarded in 2008 and he was awarded the IGS Richardson Medal in 2013.

There is not a student of glaciology who is not familiar with the universally recognized foundation of our science that goes by the name of ‘Glen’s law’. While these scientific achievements are extraordinary, they are not the reason behind this award. It is in recognition of the Society’s respect for John Glen, the accomplished physicist and glaciologist, and focuses on the man as a powerful facilitator of progress through his service to the community.

It is John Glen’s contribution to the service of others, to the service of the science and to the service of the IGS that unarguably matches, if not surpasses, his excellence as the accomplished scientist that created the foundations of our field. In 1953 he joined Gerald Seligman as an editorial assistant for the Journal of Glaciology and he remained on the Journal editorial board for 63 years.

A full obituary for John will appear online and in the IGS newsletter. ICE in due course.

Photo: British Library