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International Glaciological Society

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Membership is open to all individuals who have a scientific, practical or general interest in any aspect of snow and ice.

Join the IGS as a new member or renew your existing membership.

If you are already registered with the IGS you can amend your details online.

Benefits of membership include:

  1. A 10% discount on “author processing charges” for APCs for papers submitted to the Journal of Glaciology and Annals of Glaciology produced by our publishing partner, Cambridge University Press (CUP). Authors must be members of the IGS at the time of paper submission
  2. Online access to the 2017 volume of the Journal of Glaciology and three issues of ICE
  3. Access to all IGS publications that are available online, including the entire archive of the Annals of Glaciology
  4. Attendance at all meetings of the Society (with a reduced registration fees where applicable)
  5. Purchase of volumes of the Annals of Glaciology at reduced rates
  6. For members who would still like to receive paper copies of the Journal and ICE, these are available to purchase separately from the membership. Please see the table below for pricing. To make an order, please email the IGS at

The 2017 membership rates (including online only subscriptions) are as follows:

Membership type


Membership – Online


Junior Membership – Online


Retired Membership – Online*


Partner/Spouse Membership


Contributing Membership – Online


Supporting Membership – Online


2017 Journal of Glaciology – Volume 63 Issues 237–242 (6 issues)


Individual issues of Journal of Glaciology Volume 63

£35 each

2017 Volume of ICE (3 issues)


*Retired membership is available to those who have been full members of the IGS for at least 15 years.