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Poster Presentation Session 1, Thursday 15 March 17:20

Presenting author Poster number Abstract number Title
Ayumi Kizawa P1-1 77A2703 Pigment composition of a cultivated strain of the cyanobacterium Phormidesmis priestleyi isolated from cryoconite on Qaanaaq Glacier, northwest Greenland
Akane Watanabe P1-2 77A2708 The effect of canopy drip on snow algal bloom in the deciduous forest of Mt Gassan, Yamagata prefecture, Japan
Tsutomu Uchida P1-3 77A2664 Storage-period dependence in cryopreservation of CHO-TRET1 cells with trehalose
Makiko Kosugi P1-4 77A2704 Physiological characterization of a bacterial community, cryoconites, on the glacial surface in Spitsbergen, Svalbard
Yongqin Liu P1-5 77A2652 Genomics diversity and adaption to cryosphere of 21 psychrophilic/psychrotolerant Cryobacterium strains
Alexandre Langlois P1-6 77A2644 Changing arctic snow cover: rain-on-snow and ice layer detection using passive microwave radiometry
Takumi Murakami P1-7 77A2706 Analysis of the community structure and metagenome of the bacterial consortium from the gut of the glacier stonefly
William Smith P1-8 77A2720 Effects of a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon on cryoconite
Hongmei Ma P1-9 77A2660 Independent shifts of abundant and rare bacterial populations across a glacial foreland in East Antarctica
Ryo Sugiyama P1-10 77A2681 Spatial variations in chemical soluble ions in the ablation area of Ürümqi Glacier No.1, Tien Shan, China
Masato Shiomuki P1-11 77A2701 The characteristics of cryoconite granules in the glacial forefield of Ürümqi Glacier No.1, Tien Shan, China
Xiaoying Yue P1-12 77A2735 An analysis of short-term albedo variations at Ürümqi Glacier No.1, Tien Shan, China
Francesca Pittino P1-13 77A2744 Unveiling the biotic and abiotic processes affecting ice reflectance in an Alpine glacier
Daichi Yamaga P1-14 77A2722 Remote sensing reveals a curious pattern of cryoconite
Rigen Shimada P1-15 77A2667 Influence of surface melt on dark-ice extent variation on the Greenland Ice Sheet
Miranda Nicholes P1-16 77A2738 Bacterial dynamics in supraglacial habitats of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Konosuke Sugiura P1-17 77A2654 Quantitative method for evaluation of seasonal variation in snow depth
Kanon Kino P1-18 77A2670 Feedback analyses of the seasonality of polar amplification driven by changes in the orbital parameters with MIROC-GCM
Ryouta O’ishi P1-19 77A2680 Seasonal feedback analysis on polar amplification in a warming climate induced by orbit/CO2
Shiqiao Zhou P1-20 77A2743 Temporal CO2 flux variations of Lake Nam Co in the central Tibetan Plateau