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Poster Presentation Session 2, Friday 16 March 17:15

Presenting author Poster number Abstract number Title
Kaoru Izumi P2-1 77A2709 Permafrost environment at the bottom of a block slope enabling alpine flora to survive at 1300 m a.s.l., 36.6°N
Dmitry Vorontsov P2-2 77A2700 Growth of ice crystals in the presence of type 3 antifreeze protein
Zhang Xiaoyu P2-3 77A2740 Online measurement of black carbon aerosol in the Altai Mountains
Koichi Watanabe P2-4 77A2687 The chemical composition of snow cover at Mt Tateyama, Japan, and measurement of bioaerosols in the atmosphere using a real-time viable particle counter
Elisabeth Isaksson P2-5 77A2734 Genomics diversity and adaption to cryosphThe methanesulphonic acid record in snow, firn and ice as a proxy for marine productivity; examples from Svalbard and coastal Antarctica
Margareta Hansson P2-6 77A2671 Methanesulfonate over eight glacial cycles in the EPICA Dome C ice core
Kumiko Goto-Azuma P2-7 77A2666 Environmental changes over the past 128 000 years deduced from terrestrial biogenic ions in a deep ice core drilled during NEEM in Greenland
Yoichiro Hori P2-8 77A2677 Pollen grains in shallow ice cores drilled from the western cwm of Khumbu glacier, Mt Everest, Himalaya
Akane Tsushima P2-9 77A2648 Understanding temporal variation of δ17O and 17O excess in an alpine ice-core drilled in central Alaska
Chika Okamoto P2-10 77A2698 The wingless winter stonefly and its food on snowfields in Japan: analysis of the food web using stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen
Ji Luo P2-11 77A2685 Carbon dynamics in different primary succession stages on the Hailuogou glacier forehead on Gongga mountain, China
Su Jiang P2-12 77A2653 Perchlorate in surface snow along a traverse route in East Antarctica
Koki Ishiwatari P2-13 77A2683 Ecology of collembola (springtails) living on seasonal snow in the deciduous forest in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
Qiao Liu P2-14 77A2676 Mapping vegetation propagation along the preglacial zone of a rapidly retreating temperate glacier in southeastern Tibet using long-term Landsat NDVI
Archana Dayal P2-15 77A2695 The UK Polar Network: inspiring the next generation of polar scientists
Takane Matsumoto P2-16 77A2710 Influence of a deciduous broad-leaved forest on snow-surface energy balance in Chilean Patagonia
Takane Matsumoto P2-17 77A2724 Field observations on tipping of deciduous shrubs in snowpack on a steep slope in Niigata, central Japan: the mechanical interactions between shrubs and snowpack preventing snow gliding throughout the 2016/17 winter
Tomomi Nakashima P2-18 77A2733 The pigment composition of snow algae on Mt Tateyama, Toyama prefecture, Japan
Manabu Abe P2-19 77A2705 Masking effect of vegetation on snow albedo feedback in a future climate change projection
Yukari Takeuchi P2-20 77A2686 Observations and numerical simulations of the braking effect of forest on large-scale avalanches