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Poster Session A, Monday 19 August 17:10

Please note that the posters will be available to view all week
Presenting author Poster number Abstract number Title
Julianne Yip  1 82A3499 Humans at the interface: insights from an anthropology of sea ice
Alexandre Audette


82A3367 New coordinated simulations to help explain Arctic–midlatitude linkages mediated by moist overturning atmospheric circulation responses
Enoil de Souza Júnior 5 82A3322 On the relationship between Arctic sea-ice variability and precipitation over the Brazilian northeast and Amazon rainforest
Richard Allard 7 82A3469 Rheological parameter estimation in sea-ice models through variational data assimilation
Andrew Roberts 9 82A3270 Simulating the bi-variate thickness distribution of a sea-ice ridge using discrete elements
Hongjie Xie 11 82A3473 Spatial distribution of leads and lead parameters from the high-resolution optical imagery of the Operational IceBridge digital mapping system
Hongjie Xie 13 82A3265 Ross Sea ice production and fast-ice edge using Sentinel–1 SAR images
Matthew Asplin 15 82A3233 Response of winter sea-ice velocities to wind forcing in the Canadian Beaufort Sea: large spatial and temporal variability over scales of 20–120 km and several hours
Xi Zhao 17 82A3445 Will sea-ice leads in the Beaufort Sea increase as ice becomes thinner?
Jennifer Hutchings 21 82A3373 Encouraging K-12 math interest through sea-ice dynamics
Slawomir Kowal 23 82A3372 Temporal and spatial evolution of Foxe Basin sea ice (1971–2018)
Aura Diaz 25 82A3491 Observational study of the radiative effect of clouds on the melting of subarctic sea ice
Kyle Duncan 27 82A3228 A decade of late-winter Arctic sea-ice surface-roughness observations
Sebastian Gerland 29 82A3112 Sensitivity of atmospheric parameters on snow and sea-ice mass balance during spring and melting season in the central Arctic
Sebastian Gerland 31 82A3302 Opportunity-based fast-ice-thickness observations in Rektangelbukta, off Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Sebastian Gerland 33 82A3330 Estimation of sea-ice concentration using signals of a global navigation satellite system
Alexandra Jahn 35 82A3334 Assessing internal variability of Arctic sea-ice thickness and volume in model simulations and satellite data
Feng Xiao 37 82A3271 A new method to estimate Arctic sea-ice thickness from CryoSat-2 based on least squares
Axel Schweiger 39 82A3208 Arctic sea-ice thickness and volume over the 20th century from measurements and reconstructions
H. Jakob Belter 41 82A3121 13 years of sea-ice-draft observations in the Laptev Sea from moored ADCPs and upward-looking sonar: changes, variability and comparison to Earth Observation data
David Clemens-Sewall 43 82A3305 Sampling strategies for snow depth on sea ice studies
Stephanie Arndt 45 82A3120 Seasonality of snow depth on Weddell Sea sea ice from snow buoy observations and SNOWPACK simulations
Stefanie Arndt 47 82A3148 Seasonal changes in snow properties from passive and active microwave satellite observations: a conceptual model
Stefanie Arndt 49 82A3176 New observations of late summer bio-physical ice and snow conditions in the northwestern Weddell Sea
Ted Maksym 51 82A3360 A persistent, long-range hybrid autonomous vehicle for under-ice observation
Ted Maksym 53 82A3353 Sea-ice production, snow and ice-type variability in the Ross Sea
Bimochan Niraula 55 82A3396 A probabilistic damped-persistence forecast of the sea-ice-edge location: a challenging benchmark for dynamical forecast systems
Marcel Babin 57 82A3465 Sea-ice-algal biomass response to snow metamorphism during the melt season
Marcel Babin 59 82A3461 Direct measurements of the radiance distribution beneath Arctic landfast sea ice during the spring transition
Marcel Babin 61 82A3467 Satellite-derived first-year landfast-ice albedo evolution during the Green Edge project
Takenobu Toyota 63 82A3186 Radiative transfer model of sea ice and its validation with field measurement of the spectral albedo of sea ice at Saroma Lagoon, Japan
Takenobu Toyota 65 82A3187 Application of ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 for detecting sea-ice-surface features in the seasonal ice zone
Sinead L. Farrell 67 82A3389 Early assessment of ICESat-2 capabilities for Arctic sea ice
Sinead L. Farrell 69 82A3388 Weighing the A68 iceberg with ICESat-2
Alejandro Egido 71 82A3398 A novel altimetry data processing technique for sea-ice freeboard estimation
Shuki Ushio 73 82A3501 In-situ trial of core sample drilling of extremely thick multiyear landfast ice in the Antarctic
Feiyue Wang 75; 82A3424 From the Sea-ice Environmental Research Facility to the Churchill Marine Observatory: controlled mesocosm-scale sea-ice research at the University of Manitoba
Dustin Isleifson 77 82A3105 UAV observations of the influence of sediment on sea-ice surface deformation and melt rates during the summer melt period
Raphaël Larouche 79 82A3470 Measurement of in-ice angular radiance distributions
Yasmine Alikacem 81 82A3462 On the design of an optical sensor to measure nitrate in sea ice
Veronica Coppolaro 83 82A3146 Using a mesocosm for snow-covered sea-ice-ridge characterization and detection using remote sensing: implications for ringed-seal breeding habitat
Robert Ricker 85 82A3162 Towards a global sea-ice thickness climate data record from radar altimetry
Robert Ricker 87 82A3139 Assessing stability and precision of sea-ice thickness retrievals from satellite altimetry by a cross-over analysis
Robert Ricker 89 82A3138 Merged operational satellite ice-thickness retrievals to inform about the present state of Arctic sea ice
Johannes Lohse 91 82A3294 Mapping of sea-ice types from Sentinel–1 considering the surface-type-dependent effect of incidence angle
John Yackel 93 82A3238 Arctic sea-ice melt-pond-onset detection from dual sensor C-band co-polarized SAR and scatterometer data
Malin Johansson 95 82A3315 Investigating the occurrence of newly formed sea ice in the Barents Sea using archived Sentinel–1 SAR data
Mohammed Shokr 97 82A3493 Retrieval of lake and sea-ice information from Radarsat-2 Quad-pol SAR
Tingting Liu
Nodoka Ono 101 82A3141 Verification of AMSR-2 sea-ice concentration in the Arctic Ocean
Daniel Feltham 103 82A3111 Sea ice and atmosphere interactions and predictability: preliminary results from CMIP6
Daniel Feltham 105 82A3304 A new model of melt-pond refreezing
Daniel Feltham 107 82A3123 Ocean dynamics and the latitude of the sea-ice edge
Daniel Feltham 109 82A2981 Sea-ice–ocean feedbacks in the Antarctic shelf seas
Charles Pelletier 111 82A3192 A four-component coupled configuration for assessing decadal predictability in Antarctica
Alexander Sholtz 113 82A2963 Restoring Arctic ice with strategically placed, albedo-enhancing reflective glass beads
Shabnam Jafarikhasragh 115 82A3390 Modelling seasonal dynamic and thermodynamic contributions to sea-ice thickness variations in the Hudson Bay complex
Shabnam Jafarikhasragh 117 82A3382 Modeling the sea-surface temperature over the Hudson Bay complex
Jean Sterlin 119 82A3319 Sensitivity of two melt-pond schemes to the uncertainties in atmospheric reanalyses for global climate models
Inga J. Smith 121 82A2964 The impacts of increased Southern Ocean freshwater fluxes in CCSM4
Aku Riihelä 123 82A3118 Melt ponds and sea-ice albedo; comparison of MIZMAS model with CLARA-A2 satellite
Parnian Rezania 125 82A3272 Exploratory data analysis of first-year sea-ice ridge properties derived from an airborne optical survey of the Beaufort Sea in May 2018
Erica Rosenblum 127 82A3234 Arctic Ocean surface mixed-layer evolution in the Community Earth Systems Climate Model Large Ensemble
Rob Massom 129 82A3245 Change and variability in Antarctic coastal exposure (lack of sea ice offshore) since 1979
Brent Else 131 82A3404 The role of sea ice in determining air–sea CO2 fluxes in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Fanny van der Linden 133 82A3326 CO2 transfer in landfast sea ice: impact of processes at the interfaces
Agneta Fransson 135 82A2984 Arctic sea-ice biogeochemistry and air–ice–water CO2 exchange in the coldest period in February to April
Agneta Fransson 137 82A2986 Effects of sea-ice and biogeochemical processes and storms on under-ice water fCO2 from winter to spring in the high Arctic Ocean: implications for sea–air CO2 fluxes
Caroline Jacques 139 82A3349 Investigating the role of the coupling between the ocean, the sea ice and the atmosphere in the biogeochemical cycle of CH4
James Parkinson 141 82A3308 Convection, phase change and solute transport in mushy sea ice
Mark Christopher Fuller 143 82A3231 Microwave remote sensing of oil in-and-on snow and sea ice in a controlled, purpose-built mesocosm
Sebastien Moreau 145 82A3249 Using BGC-Argo to understand Southern Ocean marginal ice zone bloom dynamics
Boris Wittek 147 82A3282 What is the impact of brine conditions on biogenic DMSP and DMSO production? A cell-culture approach
Heather Kyle 149 82A3379 Characterization of 18O and D fractionation during sea-ice growth and melt
Steven Duerksen 151 82A3346 First-year and multiyear ice algal community in the Last Ice Area
Monika Pućko 153 82A3164 Sea-ice conditions in the Last Ice area: trends, comparisons and implications for ocean–sea-ice–atmosphere interface processes
Laura Dalman 155 82A3209 Response of biological communities to a seasonal freshwater gradient in southwestern Hudson Bay, Canada
Laura Dalman 157 82A3207 Enhanced bottom-ice algal biomass across a tidal strait in the Kitikmeot Sea, Canadian Arctic
Doreen Kohlbach 159 82A3354 The role of sea-ice-derived carbon in food-web processes of Eclipse Sound, Canadian Arctic
Emma Ausen 161 82A3167 Beluga use of estuary habitats and effects of noise pollution
Kathleen Munson 163 82A3443 Dynamics of elemental mercury across the seawater–ice–atmosphere interface in a controlled mesocosm environment
Diana Saltymakova 165 82A3392 The Petroleum Environmental Research Laboratory: target and non-target analysis for characterization of petroleum products and their weathering in the environment
Nolan Snyder 167 82A3243 Analysis of heteroatomic species in biodegraded crude oil using electrospray ionization ion mobility time-of-flight high-resolution mass spectrometry
Sally Garrett 169 82A3458 Implications of the wave climate of the Southern Hemisphere on polar ship design
David Lobb 171 82A3409 Spatial variability of the properties of suspended sediment in Hudson Bay
Andrew A.G. Tefs 173 82A3251 Uncertainty in projections of freshwater supply to Hudson Bay
Marie Broesky 175 82A3371 Historic and future trends of simulated pan-Arctic freshwater discharge: changes in seasonality and volumes due to climate change
Paul Myers 177 82A3487 Exchange through the Gulf of Boothia and Fury and Hecla Strait based upon historical data
James Williams 179 82A3503 Estimating the sea-ice compressive yield strength (P*) using NASA IceBridge Observations