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Forthcoming meetings

Below are some forthcoming meetings that may be of interest to IGS members.

Please send announcements about meetings suitable for inclusion on this page to us at our usual contact details.

Items marked ** are IGS sponsored
Items marked * are IGS co-sponsored

8–10 January 2020

Quaternary Research Association Annual Discussion Meeting: Quaternary Earth System processes and feedbacks: challenges for society

Leeds, UK

See meeting website

13–17 January 2020

7th International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

See conference website

28–30 January 2020

IASC Workshop on the Dynamics and Mass Budget of Arctic Glaciers

Obergurgl, Austria

See workshop website

28–31 January 2020

SnowHydro Conference: Challenges in Mountain Areas

Bolzano/Bozen, Italy

See conference website

3–5 February 2020

*New Zealand Snow and Ice Research Group (SIRG: the New Zealand branch of IGS) Annual Workshop

Matiu/Somes Island, Wellington, New Zealand

See SIRG website

3–5 February 2020

9th Workshop on Remote Sensing of Land Ice and Snow (European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL)): Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere – Monitor what is vanishing

Bern, Switzerland

See workshop website

12–15 February 2020

4th Polar Ecology Conference: Interactions between Ocean and Terrestrial Ecosystems

České Budějovice, Czech Republic

See conference website

16–21 February 2020

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020

San Diego, California, USA

See meeting website

18–21 February 2020

3rd Canadian Polar Data Workshop

Banff, Alberta, Canada

See workshop website

Contact Ravi Darwin Sankar <>

27–28 February 2020

2020 Alpine Glaciology Meeting

Milan, Italy

Contact Davide Fugazza <>

2–6 March 2020

Sixth International Symposium on Arctic Research
Japan Consortium of Arctic Environmental Research (JCAR)

Tokyo, Japan

See symposium website

2–8 March 2020

36th International Geological Congress

New Delhi, India

Theme 8: The Polar World – Past Present and Future
Session 8.3: Climate variability from ice cores - evidence from the three poles. Convenors: Liz THomas <>, Thamban Melth, Mariusz Potocki
Theme 9: Glacier Mass Balance
Theme 12: Quaternary Environments: Sedimentation and Landform Evolution – Symposium 12.4: Glaciers Past and Present

See congress website

10–12 March 2020

2020 Polar Technology Conference

Boulder, Colorado, USA

See conference website

27 March–2 April 2020

Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW2020)

Akureyri, Iceland

See conference website

2–4 April 2020

50th Annual International Arctic Workshop

Boulder, Colorado, USA

See workshop website

23–24 April 2020

6th Students in Polar and Alpine Research Conference – SPARC 2020

Brno, Czech Republic

See conference website

3–8 May 2020

European Geosciences Union General Assembly

Vienna, Austria

See meeting website

14–19 June 2020

18th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar

Golden, Colorado, USA

See conference website

9–11 June 2020

77th Eastern Snow Conference (ESC)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

See conference website

22–26 June 2020

12th International Conference on Permafrost (ICOP2020)

Lanzhou, China

See conference website

19–24 July​ 2020

**International Symposium on Ice Streams and Outlet Glaciers

Durham, UK

Contacts: Secretary General, IGS
Chris Stokes <>

21–24 September 2020

*Cryosphere 2020: International Symposium on Ice, Snow and Water in a Warming World

Reykjavík, Iceland

Contacts: Secretary General, IGS
Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson <>

21–25 September 2020

XXI Argentine Geological Congress
Technical Session 18: Cryospheric Sciences

Chubut, Argentina

See congress website

24–26 September 2020

3rd International Conference on Polar Climate and Environmental Change in the Last Millennium

Toruń, Poland

See conference website
Contact Przemysław Wyszyński <>

18–23 October 2020

3rd IPICS Open Science Conference: Ice Core Science at the Three Poles

Crans-Montana, Switzerland

See conference website

27 June–2 July 2021

**International Symposium on Interactions of Ice Sheets and Glaciers with the Ocean

La Jolla, California, USA

Contacts: Secretary General, IGS
Helen Amanda Fricker <>

18–23 July 2021

BACO-21: IAMAS-IACS-IAPSO Joint Assembly

Busan, Republic of Korea

Contact: Richard Essery <>, Regine Hock <>
See assembly website

5–10 September 2021

**International Symposium on Science and Mitigation of Glacier and Snow Hazards

Davos, Switzerland

Contacts: Secretary General, International Glaciological Society (IGS)

4–8 October 2021

**International Symposium on Glaciology and Society

Bilbao, Basque Country, (Spain)

Secretary General, International Glaciological Society (IGS)
Sergio Henrique Faria <>>

June 2022

**International Symposium on Maritime Glaciers

Juneau, Alaska, USA

Topics – more to be added:
– tidewater glaciers
– mass balance and run-off from maritime glaciers
– impacts on marine ecosystems

Contacts: Secretary General, IGS
Jason Amundson <>

September 2022

**International Symposium on Southern Hemisphere Glaciers under Pressure: subglacial lakes, subaquatic environments, calving glaciers and climate

Valdivia, Chile

Contacts: Secretary General, IGS
Andrés Rivera, Centro de Estudios Cientificos,

July 2023

IUGG General Assembly

Berlin, Germany