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Anker Weidick, 1928-2020

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Anker Weidick, emeritus scientist in the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) Department of Glaciology and Climate, passed away Thursday March 12.

Anker Weidick was a member of the International Glaciological Society from 1955 to 1997, the year after his retirement. Anker began working at the Geological Survey of Greenland (GGU) (a precursor to the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland – GEUS) in 1955, just nine years after the inception of the institute, and remained active there for the next 65 years, from 1996 as a very productive emeritus. Anker thus personified the history of modern glaciology in Denmark, and especially at GEUS.

For many years, Anker was in charge of the mapping of the past glaciation in Greenland and published a series of maps of the Quaternary geology of Greenland. His unique knowledge of the historical research and the results from scientific expeditions to Greenland was legendary. Anker mapped the changing glacier extent and documented the sensitivity to climate, decades before glaciers became a symbol of the global challenge of climate change. In a truly pioneering way, he combined a wide range of scientific disciplines such as geomorphology, climatology and archaeology in his glacier research. Anker was the pioneer initiating the inventory of glaciers in Greenland and lead the establishment of Glaciology as a field at the Geological Survey of Greenland, later GEUS.

Anker’s generosity, his attention to detail and his nearly inexhaustible knowledge of the glaciers in Greenland and their exploration history meant that he was a highly appreciated asset to glaciologists across the world. Anker continued to publish scientific articles more than 15 years after his retirement, before focusing on his memoirs, published in 2016. In his long and productive career, Anker published an impressive 127 articles, with 95 of these as first author.

In 2013, Anker Weidick received the Richardson Medal from the International Glaciological Society in recognition of his contributions to research and the inspiration he gave through generous collaborations.

The funeral has taken place.

[Andreas P. Ahlstrøm og Jason E. Box, GEUS]


Citation for awarding the Richardson Medal to Anker Weidick

Anker Weidick’s memoirs (in Danish)