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Journal of Glaciology

Volume 44 (1998)

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Vol. 44 1998 No. 146


Determining basal ice-sheet conditions in the Dome C region of East Antarctica using satellite radar altimetry and airborne radio-echo sounding
Martin J. Siegert and Jeffrey K. Ridley

2 m temperatures along melting mid-latitude glaciers, and implications for the sensitivity of the mass balance to variations in temperature
Wouter Greuell and Reinhard Böhm

Temperature history and accumulation timing for the snowpack at GISP2, central Greenland
C.A. Shuman, R.B. Alley, M.A. Fahnestock, R.A. Bindschadler, J.W.C. White, J. Winterle and J.R. McConnell

A simple model for the influence of push-morainal banks on the calving and stability of glacial tidewater termini
Mark P. Fischer and Ross D. Powell

Discrimination of glacier facies using multi-temporal SAR data
K.C. Partington

Thin-sectioning of wet snow after flash-freezing
Jean-Bruno Brzoska, Cécile Coléou and Bernard Lesaffre

Glacial retreat and its geomorphologic effects on Mexico's active volcanoes, 1994-95
David Palacios and Javier de Marcos

Crevasse patterns and the strain-rate tensor: a high-resolution comparison
J.T. Harper, N.F. Humphrey and W.T. Pfeffer

Synthetic aperture radar interferometry over Rutford Ice Stream and Carlson Inlet, Antarctica
R.M. Frolich and C.S.M. Doake

Altitudinal gradient of mass-balance sensitivity to climatic change from 18 years of observations on glacier d'Argentière, France
M. Vallon, C. Vincent and L. Reynaud

Improving digital elevation models over ice sheets using AVHRR-based photoclinometry
Ted A. Scambos and Mark A. Fahnestock

A theory of ice-sheet surges
A.C. Fowler and E. Schiavi

Elevation, volume and terminus changes of nine glaciers in North America
J.J. Sapiano, W.D. Harrison and K.A. Echelmeyer

The structural glaciology of Kongsvegen, Svalbard, and its role in landform genesis
Neil F. Glasser, Michael J. Hambrey, Kevin R. Crawford, Matthew R. Bennett and David Huddart

Radar reflections reveal a wet bed beneath stagnant Ice Stream C and a frozen bed beneath ridge BC, West Antarctica
C.R. Bentley, N. Lord and C. Liu

Rapid sea-level rise from a West Antarctic ice-sheet collapse: a short-term perspective
Charles R. Bentley

Mapping subglacial surfaces of temperate valley glaciers by two-pass migration of a radio-echo sounding survey
B.C. Welch, W.T. Pfeffer, J.T. Harper and N.F. Humphrey

Instruments and Methods
Precise dielectric profiling of ice cores: a new device with improved guarding and its theory
Frank Wilhelms, Josef Kipfstuhl, Heinz Miller, Klaus Heinloth and John Firestone

Instruments and Methods
The ECLIPSE drill: a field-portable intermediate-depth ice-coring drill
Erik W. Blake, Cameron P. Wake and Michael D. Gerasimoff

Instruments and Methods
A new portable ice-core drilling machine: application to tephra studies
J.M. Casas, F. Sàbat, J.M. Vilaplana, J.M. Parés and D.M. Pomeroy

Detection of hills from radar data in central-northern Greenland
Justin Legarsky, Anthony Wong, Torry Akins and S. Prasad Gogineni

Determination of the surface and bed topography at Dome C, East Antarctica
Ignazio Ezio Tabacco, Andrea Passerini, Filippo Corbelli and Michael Gorman

Comments on "Some comments on climatic reconstructions from ice cores drilled in areas of high melt" by Roy M. Koerner
V.S. Zagorodnov

Reply to the comments of V.S. Zagorodnov on "Some comments on climatic reconstructions from ice cores drilled in areas of high melt" by Roy M. Koerner
Roy M. Koerner

Vol. 44 1998 No. 147

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Using the temporal variability of satellite radar altimetric observations to map surface properties of the Antarctic ice sheet
Benoît Legrésy and Frédérique Rémy

Satellite gravity and the mass balance of the Antarctic ice sheet
C.R. Bentley and J.M. Wahr

Physical and chemical studies in the region of the southern slope of Mount Elbrus, Caucasus
A.M. Bazhev, O. Rototaeva, J. Heintzenberg, M. Stenberg and J.F. Pinglot

Basal sliding of Ice Stream B, West Antarctica
Hermann Engelhardt and Barclay Kamb

A 1 year record of global radiation and albedo in the ablation zone of Morteratschgletscher, Switzerland
J. Oerlemans and W.H. Knap

Reconnaisance study of glacier energy balance in North Greenland, 1993-94
Roger J. Braithwaite, Thomas Konzelmann, Christoph Marty and
Ole B. Olesen

Comparisons of sea-ice velocity fields from ERS-1 SAR and a dynamic model
Matti Leppäranta, Yan Sun and Jari Haapala

Geometric evolution and ice dynamics during a surge of Bakaninbreen, Svalbard
Tavi Murray, Julian A. Dowdeswell, David J. Drewry and Ian Frearson

Isotopic diffusion in polar firn: implications for interpretation of seasonal climate parameters in ice-core records, with emphasis on central Greenland
Kurt M. Cuffey and Eric J. Steig

The stability of a viscous till sheet coupled with ice flow, considered at wavelengths less than the ice thickness
Richard C.A. Hindmarsh

Drumlinization and drumlin-forming instabilities: viscous till mechanisms
Richard C.A. Hindmarsh

Mass balance of glaciers other than the ice sheets
J. Graham Cogley and W.P. Adams

Imaging of firn and bubbly ice in coaxial reflected light: a new technique for the characterization of these porous media
Laurent Arnaud, Michel Gay, Jean-Marc Barnola and Paul Duval

The mass balance of McCall Glacier, Brooks Range, Alaska, U.S.A.; its regional relevance and implications for climate change in the Arctic
B.T. Rabus and K.A. Echelmeyer

Detection of abrupt changes in glacier mass balance in the Tien Shan Mountains
M.S. Cao

Short-term velocity and water-pressure variations down-glacier from a riegel, Storglaciären, Sweden
Brian Hanson, Roger LeB. Hooke and Edmund M. Grace, Jr.

Comparison of a three-dimensional model for glacier flow with field data from Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland
Alun Hubbard, Heinz Blatter, Peter Nienow, Douglas Mair and Bryn Hubbard

The sliding velocity over a sinusoidal bed at high water pressure
Martin Truffer and Almut Iken

Sensitivity of Rhonegletscher, Switzerland, to climate change: experiments with a one-dimensional flowline model
Jakob Wallinga and Roderik S.W. van de Wal

Evolution of a surge-type glacier in its quiescent phase: Kongsvegen, Spitsbergen, 1964-95
Kjetil Melvold and Jon Ove Hagen

Ice-shelf dynamics near the front of the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica, revealed by SAR interferometry
Eric Rignot and Douglas R. MacAyeal

Ice-shelf dynamics near the front of the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica, revealed by SAR interferometry: model/interferogram comparison
Douglas R. MacAyeal, Eric Rignot and Christina L. Hulbe

Instruments and Methods
Inter-borehole electrical resistivity imaging of englacial drainage
Bryn Hubbard, Andrew Binley, Lee Slater, Roy Middleton and Bernd Kulessa

Vol. 44 1998 No. 148

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Late Neogene Sirius Group strata in Reedy Valley, Antarctica: a multiple-resolution record of climate, ice-sheet and sea-level events
Gary S. Wilson, David M. Harwood, Rosemary A. Askin and Richard H. Levy

Stress and velocity fields in glaciers: Part I. Finite-difference schemes for higher-order glacier models
Jacques Colinge and Heinz Blatter

Stress and velocity fields in glaciers: Part II. Sliding and basal stress distribution
Heinz Blatter, Garry K.C. Clarke and Jacques Colinge

Diffusion of isotopes in the annual layers of ice sheets
J.F. Nye

Hinge-line migration of Petermann Gletscher, north Greenland, detected using satellite-radar interferometry
Eric Rignot

Depth-hoar growth rates near a rocky outcrop
E.M. Arons, S.C. Colbeck and J.M.N.T. Gray

Modelling the evolution of subglacial tunnels due to varying water input
Paul M. Cutler

A snow-transport model for complex terrain
Glen E. Liston and Matthew Sturm

Estimation of hydraulic properties of subglacial till from ploughmeter measurements
Urs H. Fischer, Neal R. Iverson, Brian Hanson, Roger LeB. Hooke and Peter Jansson

Accumulation and hoar effects on microwave emission on the Greenland ice-sheet dry-snow zones
Waleed Abdalati and Konrad Steffen

Analysis of the 1993-95 Bering Glacier (Alaska) surge using differential SAR interferometry
Dennis R. Fatland and Craig S. Lingle

Glaciohydraulic supercooling: a freeze-on mechanism to create stratified, debris-rich basal ice. I. Field evidence
Daniel E. Lawson, Jeffrey C. Strasser, Edward B. Evenson, Richard B. Alley, Grahame J. Larson and Steven A. Arcone

Glaciohydraulic supercooling: a freeze-on mechanism to create stratified, debris-rich basal ice. II. Theory
Richard B. Alley, Daniel E. Lawson, Edward B. Evenson, Jeffrey C. Strasser and Grahame J. Larson

Elevation and volume changes on the Harding Icefield, Alaska
G. Aðalgeirsdóttir, K.A. Echelmeyer and W.D. Harrison

Errors in daily ablation measurements in northern Greenland, 1993-94, and their implications for glacier climate studies
Roger J. Braithwaite, Thomas Konzelmann, Christoph Marty and
Ole B. Olesen

Ice-stream surface texture, sticky spots, waves and breathers: the coupled flow of ice, till and water
Richard C.A. Hindmarsh

Measurement of temperature in a margin of Ice Stream B, Antarctica: implications for margin migration and lateral drag
W.D. Harrison, K.A. Echelmeyer and C.F. Larsen

Modeling the signature of a transponder in altimeter return data and determination of the reflection surface of the ice cap near the GRIP camp, Greenland
G. Haardeng-Pedersen, K. Keller, C.C. Tscherning and N. Gundestrup

Ring-shear studies of till deformation: Coulomb-plastic behavior and distributed strain in glacier beds
Neal R. Iverson, Thomas S. Hooyer and Robert W. Baker

Migration of the Siple Dome ice divide, West Antarctica
N.A. Nereson, C.F. Raymond, E.D. Waddington and R.W. Jacobel

Thickening of the western part of the Greenland ice sheet
Robert H. Thomas, Beáta M. Csathó, Sivaprasad Gogineni, Kenneth C. Jezek and Karl Kuivinen

Instruments and Methods
An improved coherent radar depth sounder
S. Gogineni, T. Chuah, C. Allen, K. Jezek and R.K. Moore

Horizontal shear rate of ice initially exhibiting vertical compression fabrics
Li Jun and T.H. Jacka

Technique for improving core quality in intermediate-depth drilling
Vin Morgan, Alan Elcheikh and Russell Brand

A rapid method for measuring snow surface profiles
W.G. Rees