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Journal of Glaciology

Volume 48 (2002)

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Cover: Vol. 48

Vol. 48 2002 No. 160


Direct measurement of basal motion at a hard-bedded, temperate glacier: Glacier de Transfleuron, Switzerland
Bryn Hubbard

Computing marine-ice thickness at an ice-shelf base
David M. Holland

Force balance along an inland tributary and onset to Ice Stream D, West Antarctica
Stephen F. Price, Robert A. Bindschadler, Christina L. Hulbe and Donald D. Blankenship

Altitudinal variation of the stable isotopes of snow in regions of high relief
Gerald Holdsworth and H. Roy Krouse

Basal conditions and glacier motion during the winter/spring transition, Worthington Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A.
Joel T. Harper, Neil F. Humphrey and Mark C. Greenwood

A model for entrainment of sediment into sea ice by aggregation between frazil-ice crystals and sediment grains
Lars Henrik Smedsrud

Airborne radar survey above Vostok region, east-central Antarctica: ice thickness and Lake Vostok geometry
Ignazio E. Tabacco, Cesido Bianchi, Achille Zirizzotti, Enrico Zuccheretti, Alessandro Forieri and Alessio Della Vedova

Modeling precipitation over ice sheets: an assessment using Greenland
Gerard H. Roe

Isotopic study on Dokriani Bamak glacier, central Himalaya: implications for climatic changes and ice dynamics
Vasant Nijampurkar, Kameswara Rao, Manmohan Sarin and Joseph Gergan

Temporal variability of accumulation at Neumayer station, Antarctica, from stake array measurements and a regional atmospheric model
Elisabeth Schlosser, Nicole van Lipzig and Hans Oerter

Isochrones and isotherms beneath migrating ice divides
Nadine A. Nereson and Edwin D. Waddington

Overthrusts due to easy-slip/poor-slip transitions at the bed: the mathematical singularity with non-linear isotropic viscosity
Louis Lliboutry

Extension of Glacier de Saint-Sorlin, French Alps, and equilibrium-line altitude during the Little Ice Age
Louis Lliboutry

Velocities, strain rates, stresses, crevassing and faulting on Glacier de Saint-Sorlin, French Alps, 1957-76
Louis Lliboutry

A century reconstruction of the mass balance of Glacier de Sarennes, French Alps
Olivier Torinesi, Anne Letréguilly and François Valla

Seasonal and spatial variations in the chemistry of a High Arctic supraglacial snow cover
Martin Sharp, Mark Skidmore and Peter Nienow

Performance and applications of an automated c-axis ice-fabric analyzer
Dirk P. Hansen and Larry A. Wilen

Correspondence. Glacial retreat in the Baspa basin, Himalaya, monitored with satellite stereo data
Anil V. Kulkarni and I. M. Bahuguna

Review. Oerlemans, J., 2001. Glaciers and climate change: a meteorologist's view. Lisse, etc., A.A. Balkema Publishers. xii + 148 pp. ISBN 90-265-1813-7, hardback.
Kurt M. Cuffey

Erratum. Dynamical processes involved in the retreat of marine ice sheets
Richard C. A. Hindmarsh and E. Le Meur

Vol. 48 2002 No. 161

Tank study of physico-chemical controls on gas content and composition during growth of young sea ice
Jean-Louis Tison, Christian Haas, Marcia M. Gowing, Suzanne Sleewaegen and Alain Bernard

Discharge of debris from ice at the margin of the Greenland ice sheet
Peter G. Knight, Richard I. Waller, Carrie J. Patterson, Alison P. Jones and Zoe P. Robinson

Seasonal and interannual variations of firn densification and ice-sheet surface elevation at Greenland summit
H. Jay Zwally and Li Jun

Evidence for basal cavity opening from analysis of surface uplift during a high-velocity event: Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland
Douglas W. F. Mair, Martin J. Sharp and Ian C. Willis

Measurement of vertical strain and velocity at Siple Dome, Antarctica, with optical sensors
Mark A. Zumberge, Daniel H. Elsberg, William D. Harrison, Eric Husmann, John L. Morack, Erin C. Pettit and Edwin D. Waddington

Cenozoic glacigene sedimentation and erosion at the Menzies Range, southern Prince Charles Mountains, Antarctica
Jason M. Whitehead and Barrie C. McKelvey

Unsteady flow inferred for Thwaites Glacier, and comparison with Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica
Jonathan Bamber and Eric Rignot

Ice-shelf changes in Pine Island Bay, Antarctica, 1947-2000
Eric Rignot

Last Glacial Maximum equilibrium-line altitudes and paleoclimate, northern Uinta Mountains, northeastern Utah, U.S.A.
Jeffrey S. Munroe and David M. Mickelson

A method for monitoring glacier mass balance using satellite albedo measurements: application to Vatnajökull, Iceland
Martijn S. de Ruyter de Wildt, Johannes Oerlemans and Helgi Björnsson

Increase of 10 m ice temperature: climate warming or glacier thinning?
Bernhard T. Rabus and Keith A. Echelmeyer

Formation of band ogives and associated structures at Bas Glacier d'Arolla, Valais, Switzerland
Becky Goodsell, Michael J. Hambrey and Neil F. Glasser

On the numerical resolution in a thermodynamic sea-ice model
Bin Cheng

Measurement of snow density and microstructure using computed tomography
Chris C. Lundy, Michael Q. Edens and Robert L. Brown

Airborne-radar stratigraphy and electrical structure of temperate firn: Bagley Ice Field, Alaska, U.S.A.
Steven A. Arcone

Review. Molnia, B., 2001. Glaciers of Alaska (Alaska Geographic, Vol. 28, No. 2). Anchorage, AK, The Alaska Geographic Society. 128 pp. ISBN 1-56661-055-9
Edward R. LaChapelle

Correspondence. Chemical composition of fresh snow on Xixabangma peak, central Himalaya, during the summer monsoon season
Kang Shichang, Qin Dahe, Paul A. Mayewski, Sharon B. Sneed and Yao Tandong

Erratum. Longitudinal variations in cross-section morphology along a glacial valley: a case-study from the Tien Shan, China
Li Yingkui, Liu Gengnian and Cui Zhijiu

Vol. 48 2002 No. 162

On the representation of ice-shelf grounding zones in SAR interferograms
Bernhard T. Rabus and Oliver Lang

Hydrochemical coupling of a glacial borehole-aquifer system
Greg A. Oldenborger, Garry K. C. Clarke and Dave H. D. Hildes

Mechanisms of fast flow in Jakobshavn Isbræ, West Greenland. Part III. Measurements of ice deformation, temperature and cross-borehole conductivity in boreholes to the bedrock
Martin Lüthi, Martin Funk, Almut Iken, Sivaprasad Gogineni and Martin Truffer

Patterning mechanisms in subglacial carbonate dissolution and deposition
Felix Ng and Bernard Hallet

Dating firn cores by vertical strain measurements
Robert L. Hawley, Edwin D. Waddington, David L. Morse, Nelia W. Dunbar and Greg A. Zielinski

Basal perturbations under ice streams: form drag and surface expression
Christian Schoof

Spatial and temporal variability of snow accumulation using ground-penetrating radar and ice cores on a Svalbard glacier
Anja Pälli, Jack C. Kohler, Elisabeth Isaksson, John C. Moore, Jean Francis Pinglot, Veijo A. Pohjola and Håkan Samuelsson

Idealized study of a 2-D coupled sea-ice/atmosphere model during warm-air advection
Bin Cheng and Timo Vihma

InSAR observations of the 1993-95 Bering Glacier (Alaska, U.S.A.) surge and a surge hypothesis
Dennis R. Fatland and Craig S. Lingle

Ratios of Mg2+/Na+ in snowpack and an ice core at Austfonna ice cap, Svalbard, as an indicator of seasonal melting
Yoshinori Iizuka, Makoto Igarashi, Kokichi Kamiyama, Hideaki Motoyama and Okitsugu Watanabe

Relation between grain-size and correlation length of snow
Christian Mätzler

Transient glacier response with a higher-order numerical ice-flow model
Frank Pattyn

Book review. Davis, T.N., 2001. Permafrost: a guide to frozen ground in transition. Fairbanks, AK. University of Alaska Press. 351 pp. ISBN 1-889963-19-4, hardback.
Vladimir E. Romanovsky

Correspondence. Imaging of uncoated snow crystals using a low-vacuum scanning electron microscope
Daniel Iliescu and Ian Baker

Erratum. An analysis of balance velocities over the Greenland ice sheet and comparison with synthetic aperture radar interferometry
J. L. Bamber, R. J. Hardy and I. Joughin

Vol. 48 2002 No. 163

Temperature gradient and initial snow density as controlling factors in the formation and structure of hard depth hoar
W. Tad Pfeffer and Randy Mrugala

Patterns of wind-drifted snow on the Alaska arctic slope detected with ERS-1 interferometric SAR
Shusun Li and Matthew Sturm

Model study of the spatial distribution of the energy and mass balance of Morteratschgletscher, Switzerland
E. J. [Lisette] Klok and Johannes Oerlemans

Stable-isotopic composition of precipitation over the northern slope of the central Himalaya
Kang Shichang, Karl J. Kreutz, Paul A. Mayewski, Qin Dahe and Yao Tandong

Snow grain-size measurements in Antarctica
Michel Gay, Michel Fily, Christophe Genthon, Massimo Frezzotti, Hans Oerter and Jan-Gunnar Winther

History of lower Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica, from Landsat imagery
Robert A. Bindschadler

Multiphase formation of superimposed ice during a mass-balance year at a maritime high-Arctic glacier
Jemma L. Wadham and Anne-Marie Nuttall

Sensitivity of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica, to changes in ice-shelf and basal conditions: a model study
Marjorie Schmeltz, Eric Rignot, Todd K. Dupont and Douglas R. MacAyeal

Ice-dynamic conditions of Shirase Glacier, Antarctica, inferred from ERS SAR interferometry
Frank Pattyn and Dominique Derauw

Observations of a reversal in vertical and horizontal strain-rate regime during a motion event on Unteraargletscher, Bernese Alps, Switzerland
G. Hilmar Gudmundsson

Flow mechanism of the Des Moines lobe of the Laurentide ice sheet
Thomas S. Hooyer and Neal R. Iverson

Healed cracks in iceberg ice
Paul D. Barrette and Ian J. Jordaan

The retreat of a tidewater glacier: observations and model calculations on Hansbreen, Spitsbergen
Andreas Vieli, Jacek Jania and Leszek Kolondra

The localization of strain and c-axis evolution in anisotropic ice
Christopher J. L. Wilson and Hadi M. Sim

The effect of temporal variations in the surface mass balance and temperature-inversion strength on the interpretation of ice-core signals
Nicole P. M. Van Lipzig, Erik van Meijgaard and Johannes Oerlemans

A borehole camera system for imaging the deep interior of ice sheets
Frank Carsey, Alberto Behar, A. Lonne Lane, Vince Realmuto and Hermann Engelhardt

Correspondence. Comments on "Buoyancy-driven lacustrine calving, Glaciar Nef, Chilean Patagonia" by Charles Warren, Doug Benn, Vanessa Winchester and Stephan Harrison
James P. Kenneally

Correspondence. Reply to the comments of J.P. Kenneally on "Buoyancy-driven lacustrine calving, Glaciar Nef, Chilean Patagonia" by C. Warren, D. Benn, V. Winchester and S. Harrison
Doug Benn and Charles R. Warren

Correspondence. Rheology of subglacial till
Andrew C. Fowler

Review. Zryd, Amédée. 2001. Les glaciers: la nature dans les Alpes. éditions Pillet. Société Valaisanne des Sciences Naturelles; Saint-Maurice, Switzerland. 325 pp. ISBN 2-940145-27-X, paperback
Garry K. C. Clarke