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Journal of Glaciology

Volume 49 (2003)

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Cover: Vol. 49

Vol. 49 2003 No. 164


Responses of various-sized alpine glaciers and runoff to climatic change
Ye Baisheng, Ding Yongjian, Liu Fengjing and Liu Caohai

Ice crystals grown from vapor onto an orientated substrate: application to snow depth-hoar development and gas inclusions in lake ice
Edward E. Adams and Daniel A. Miller

A macroscopic approach to glacier dynamics
William D. Harrison, Charles F. Raymond, Keith A. Echelmeyer and Robert M. Krimmel

Catastrophic ice-shelf break-up by an ice-shelf-fragment-capsize mechanism
Douglas R. MacAyeal, Ted A. Scambos, Christina L. Hulbe and Mark A. Fahnestock

Statistical behaviour of the deformation for first loading of polycrystalline ice
Lorne W. Gold

Taku Glacier (Alaska, U.S.A.) on the move again: active deformation of proglacial sediments
Roman J. Motyka and Keith A. Echelmeyer

Spatial and temporal variations in albedo on Storglaciären, Sweden
Ulf Jonsell, Regine Hock and Björn Holmgren

A mechanism for differential frost heave and its implications for patterned-ground formation
Rorik A. Peterson and William B. Krantz

Triaxial tests on snow at low strain rate. Part I. Experimental device
Markus Von Moos, Perry Bartelt, Adrian Zweidler and Ernst Bleiker

Triaxial tests on snow at low strain rate. Part II: Constitutive behaviour
Carlo Scapozza and Perry Bartelt

Interannual variations of snowmelt and refreeze timing in southeast-Alaskan icefields, U.S.A
Joan M. Ramage and Bryan L. Isacks

Glacier changes since the Little Ice Age maximum in the western Qilian Shan, northwest China, and consequences of glacier runoff for water supply
Liu Shiyin, Sun Wenxin, Shen Yongping and Li Gang

Evidence for abundant subglacial meltwater beneath the paleo-ice sheet in Pine Island Bay, Antarctica
Ashley L. Lowe and John B. Anderson

Development, structure and composition of land-fast sea ice in the northern Baltic Sea
Mats A. Granskog, Tãnu A. Martma and Rein A. Vaikmäe

Ice cores from Arctic sub-polar glaciers: chronology and post-depositional processes deduced from radioactivity measurements
Jean Francis Pinglot, Rein A. Vaikmäe, Kokichi Kamiyama, Makoto Igarashi, Diedrich Fritzsche, Frank Wilhelms, Roy Koerner, Lori Henderson, Elisabeth Isaksson, Jan-Gunnar Winther, Roderik S. W. van de Wal, Marc Fournier, Patrick Bouisset and Harro A. J. Meijer

Vol. 49 2003 No. 165

On the Clague-Mathews relation for jökulhlaups
Felix Ng and Helgi Björnsson

Initial investigations of dynamics of the maritime Koryto glacier, Kamchatka, Russia
Satoru Yamaguchi, Renji Naruse, Shin Sugiyama, Takane Matsumoto and Yaroslav D. Murav´yev

Velocity of radio-wave propagation in ice at Vostok station, Antarctica
Sergey V. Popov, Alexander N. Sheremet'yev, Valery N. Masolov, Valery V. Lukin, Anatoliy V. Mironov and Vadim S. Luchininov

SEM/EDS observations of impurities in polar ice: artifacts or not?
Ian Baker and Daniel Cullen

A laboratory study of the retarding effects of braking mounds on snow avalanches
Kristín Martha Hákonardóttir, Andrew J. Hogg, Tómas Jóhannesson and Gunnar G. Tómasson

Three-dimensional surface velocities of Storstrømmen glacier, Greenland, derived from radar interferometry and ice-sounding radar measurements
Niels Reeh, Johan Jacob Mohr, Søren Nørvang Madsen, Hans Oerter and Niels S. Gundestrup

Accuracy of three-dimensional glacier surface velocities derived from radar interferometry and ice-sounding radar measurements
Johan Jacob Mohr, Niels Reeh and Søren Nørvang Madsen

Thickness changes on Whillans Ice Stream and Ice Stream C, West Antarctica, derived from laser altimeter measurements
Vandy Blue Spikes, Beáta M. Csathó, Gordon S. Hamilton and Ian M. Whillans

Investigation of surface melting and dynamic thinning on Jakobshavn Isbræ, Greenland
Robert H. Thomas, Waleed Abdalati, Earl Frederick, William B. Krabill, Serdar Manizade and Konrad Steffen

A groove-ploughing theory for the production of mega-scale glacial lineations, and implications for ice-stream mechanics
Chris D. Clark, Slawek M. Tulaczyk, Chris R. Stokes and Miquel Canals

New insights into the subglacial and periglacial hydrology of Vatnajökull, Iceland, from a distributed physical model
Gwenn E. Flowers, Helgi Björnsson and Finnur Pálsson

Tropical glacier meltwater contribution to stream discharge: a case study in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Bryan G. Mark and Geoffrey O. Seltzer

Oxygen isotopes in glacier-river water, Austre Okstindbreen, Okstindan, Norway
Wilfred H. Theakstone

Hydraulics of subglacial outburst floods: new insights from the Spring-Hutter formulation
Garry K. C. Clarke

Laser profiling over Antarctic ice streams: methods and accuracy
Vandy Blue Spikes, Beáta M. Csathó and Ian M. Whillans

Review. Kaser, G. and H. Osmaston. 2002. Tropical glaciers. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 207 pp. ISBN 0-521-63333-8
David G. Vaughan

Review. Dowdeswell, J. and M. Hambrey. 2002. Islands of the Arctic. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 280 pp. ISBN 0-521-81333-6
Roy M. Koerner

Correspondence. What is the major reason for glacier retreat on Yulong mountain, China?
He Yuanqing, Gu Juan and Zhang Dian

Vol. 49 2003 No. 166

Map-based methods for estimating glacier equilibrium-line altitudes
Katherine C. Leonard and Andrew C. Fountain

Links between short-term velocity variations and the subglacial hydrology of a predominantly cold polythermal glacier
Luke Copland, Martin J. Sharp and Peter Nienow

Meltwater circulation and permeability of Arctic sea ice
Johannes Freitag and Hajo Eicken

Ice flow at low deviatoric stress
Erin C. Pettit and Edwin D. Waddington

The snow cover on lakes of the Arctic Coastal Plain of Alaska, U.S.A.
Matthew Sturm and Glen E. Liston

Surge-related topographic change of the glacier Sortebræ, East Greenland, derived from synthetic aperture radar interferometry
Hamish Pritchard, Tavi Murray, Tazio Strozzi, Stuart Barr and Adrian Luckman

On friction and surface cracking during sliding of ice on ice
Maurine Montagnat and Erland M. Schulson

Isotopic diffusion in polycrystalline ice
Alan W. Rempel and J. S. Wettlauffer

The distribution of basal motion beneath a High Arctic polythermal glacier
Luke Copland, Martin J. Sharp, Peter W. Nienow and Robert G. Bingham

Energy exchange processes in the marginal ice zone of the Barents Sea, Arctic Ocean, during spring 1999
Boris V Ivanov, Sebastian Gerland, Jan-Gunnar Winther and Harvey Goodwin

Glaciological response to distal tephra fallout from the 1947 eruption of Hekla, south Iceland
Martin P. Kirkbride and Andrew J. Dugmore

The nature of complex ice flow in Shirase Glacier catchment, East Antarctica
Frank Pattyn and Renji Naruse

Satellite retrieval of mass balance: comparing SAR images with albedo images and in situ mass-balance observations
Martijn S. de Ruyter de Wildt and Johannes Oerlemans

Variations of Glaciar Coronas, Pyrenees, Spain, during the 20th century
Javier Chueca, Asunción Julián and Ignacio López

Using upper-air conditions to estimate South Cascade Glacier (Washington, U.S.A.) summer balance
Lowell A. Rasmussen and Howard B. Conway

A simple visualization method for distinguishing subglacial-bed and side-wall returns in radio-echo records from outlet and valley glaciers
Toby J. Benham and Julian A. Dowdeswell

Correspondence. Supraglacial routing of subglacial water at Franz Josef Glacier, South Westland, New Zealand
Becky Goodsell, Brian Anderson and Wendy Lawson

Vol. 49 2003 No. 167

Glacier surge mechanisms inferred from ground-penetrating radar: Kongsvegen, Svalbard
John Woodward, Tavi Murray, Roger A. Clark and Graham W.Stuart

Bed topography and lubrication inferred from surface measurements on fast-flowing ice streams
Throstur Thorsteinsson Charles F. Raymond, G. Hilmar Gudmundsson, Robert A. Bindschadler, Patricia Vornberger and Ian Joughin

Temporal and spatial variation of the surface albedo of Morteratschgletscher, Switzerland, as derived from 12 Landsat images
E.J. (Lisette) Klok, Wouter Greuell and Johannes Oerlemans

New velocity map and mass-balance estimate of Mertz Glacier, East Antarctica, derived from Landsat sequential imagery
Etienne Berthier, Bruce Raup and Ted Scambos

Temporal and spatial variability of the surface mass balance in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, as derived from automatic weather stations
Carleen H. Reijmer and Michiel R. van den Broeke

Ice-shelf elevation changes due to atmospheric pressure variation
Laurie Padman, Matt King, Derek Goring, Hugh Corr and Richard Coleman

A two-dimensional shallow ice-flow model of Glacier de Saint-Sorlin, France
E. Le Meur and C. Vincent

Causes of glacier change in the source regions of the Yangtze and Yellow rivers on the Tibetan Plateau
Yang Jianping, Ding Yongjian, Chen Rensheng, Liu Shiyin and Lu Anxin

Self-similarity in glacier surface characteristics
Neil S. Arnold and W. Gareth Rees

Hydrological controls on patterns of surface, internal and basal motion during three "spring events'': Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland
Douglas Mair, Ian Willis, Urs H. Fischer, Bryn Hubbard, Peter Nienow and Alun Hubbard

Subglacial environment inferred from bedrock-coating siltskins, Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A.
Carissa L. Carter, David P. Dethier and Robert L. Newton

Buckling rate and overhang development at a calving face
Brian Hanson and Roger LeB. Hooke

Short-term variations in calving of a tidewater glacier: LeConte Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A.
Shad O'Neel, Keith A. Echelmeyer and Roman J. Motyka

Density measurements in ice boreholes using neutron scattering
Elizabeth M. Morris and J. David Cooper

Correspondence. Bowling mermaids; or, How do beach ice balls form?
Olaf Eisen, Johannes Freitag, Christian Haas, Wolfgang Rack, Gerit Rotschky and Jochen Schmitt

Correspondence. Imaging of suspended macromolecules and colloids in glacial and alpine streams by atomic force microscopy
David M. Hannah, David Muirhead and Jamie R. Lead