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The Richardson Medal

The Richardson medal

The Richardson Medal is awarded from time to time in recognition of outstanding service contributions to the International Glaciological Society and to glaciology.

In 1993, the Council of the Society decided to mark the retirement of the Secretary General, Mrs. Hilda Richardson, through the creation of an award to recognise service to the Society and the science.

Normally the Richardson Medal will be awarded to members of the International Glaciological Society, although this is not a strict requirement of the award. The term 'service' is to be interpreted broadly and is not exclusively restricted to service to the Society, although such service should receive greatest weight. Examples of outstanding service contributions could include service to the Society, scientific editorial service to Society publications, noteworthy contributions to the international outreach of the Society, educational service (e.g. writing an influential text book), institutional service (e.g. establishing or maintaining a world-class scientific research centre) and promotional services to scientific glaciology (e.g. through communications media).

The following have been awarded the Richardson Medal